Going electric / new routines

A double post to catch up on recent events. Going electric So the time came to invest in a new car. The old car failed its yearly checkup which was a good excuse to renew. Given the long delivery times and the high price tags on electric cars with long range, the choice landed on … Continue reading Going electric / new routines

Sad times

Maidan 2018 What happened Thursday this week impacts us immensely. My wife is Ukrainian and we have friends and family in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people has chosen their own path for 30 years and will fight fiercely to defend their right to do so also in the future. The war that Putin started in 2014 … Continue reading Sad times


Another year is soon over. The end of the calendar year is a good opportunity to look back and reflect and appreciate the moments that made up 2021 so let me share some moments that made 2021 special for me. In spite of all the worries and concerns we fill our daily life with, life … Continue reading 2021

Mars Crisis MVP

I’m happy to announce the release of the Mars Crisis MVP. You can now play a complete game and experience a full story of Kelly Parker’s time on Mars as special advisor to the colony.